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Lucky Elephant in Gift Bag - 4 Assorted Designs

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This cute lucky glitter elephant comes in a mini gift bag in a range of 4 designs:

  • Elephant of Prosperity: Place the elephant of prosperity on your work desk facing outwards to symbolise wisdom, power and a prosperous future.
  • Elephant of Happiness: Place the elephant of happiness in the bedroom to promote love, health and happiness.
  • Elephant of Wealth: Place the elephant of wealth near the front door of the house, or the door of the office to attract wealth from the outside.
  • Elephant of Good Luck: Place the elephant of good luck at the front door facing inwards to signal good luck and blessings entering the home.

Please note that price is for one randomly selected elephant, and there is some variation with each indivual piece. If you have a design preference please note it in the comments at checkout, and we will endeavour to accomodate this preference dependant upon stock availability.